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Infusion Pro's 100% Vegan DeBonding Lotion for Lashes and Brows is the first step of the Infusion Pro System. We use only the finest grade of Cysteamine HCL (Antioxidant, Amino Acid) - Regent Grade ingredient that responsibly sourced and made in the USA with the purity of Pharmaceutical grade.  

The non-over processing formula has the secret ingredient Cystine that boost the amino acid that forms disulfide bridges, which provide strength and rigidity to the keratin of each lash/brow hair. The Infusion Pro System is engineered to expand and open the hair fiber allowing consistent penetration of the system form the cuticle to the cortex of the lash/brow hair.

Directions for use:

Allow product to aerate for 2 to 3 minutes before application.

Tip:  Just pump-out the amount of product desired before starting the lash wrap.

Lash Application:

  • Apply Step No. 1 DeBonding Lotion from root to tips of lashes. Bulk of DeBonding Lotion should be from the lash root to the mid of the lashes and then a very light application from the middle of the lashes to the tips.

Tip: If lashes are fine or have prior chemical dagame do not apply Step No. 1 to the tips.

  • Cover the lashes with plastic wrap.  Plastic wrap should fit "snug" over the lashes. 
  • Apply heat Source on-top of the plastic wrap.  

Tip:  Heat source can be a warm towel or a heated eye mask.  Infusion Pro System is not as "heat reliant", but a heat source will provide hydration for the lashes during the processing time.

  • Processing time on average is between 8 to 12 minutes.  Time factors are thick or resistant lashes, or fine thin lashes.  Adjust time accordingly.

Brow Lamination Application: 

  • After throughly cleansing the brows with PH Rinse dry the brow.
  • Brush brows downward and apply a light application of Step. No. 1 DeBonder over the brow hair.
  • Brush brows back-up and apply a light layer as needed of Step No. 1 on-top of the brow hair.
  • Brush brows carefully observing each strand of brow hair making sure the brow hair is not bent but is laying in an upward position.
  • Carefully apply plastic wrap over brow. Ensure that hairs are not moved or rearranged by the application of the plastic wrap. Carefully apply heat source on top of the plastic wrap. Process for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 mins gently remove the heat source and the plastic wrap. Brush brows correcting any miss-shaped hair. Evaluate the processing.
  • Timing Recommendations - at the 5 min processing check if the brows are thin add 3 process for 3 more minutes. If brows are thick process for 5 more mins. Timing may vary from client to client.

  • Reapply the plastic wrap ensuring that no brow hair is rearranged and re-apply the heat source and complete the processing.
  • Best Used By.

    Best used within 6 months after opening or by the printed expiration date on product.




Step No. 1 - DeBonding /10ml

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