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PH Stabilizer Rinse is the perfect start and ending to any Lash Lift or Brow Lamination service.


Use it to remove makeup, dirt and oils from the lashes and brows before the treatment and then use the PH Stabilizer Risne at the end of the treatment to remove any product residue that remains.


PH Stabilizer Rinse always provide the right PH level to ensure the lashes and brows are at the right PH level before and after the chemical treatment.


Application for use:

Pump PH Stabilizer Rinse onto a cotton round or into a dish.

Do Not get PH Stabilizer Rinse into the eyes.

PH Stabilizer Rinse is NOT an eye rinse.

Refer to direction for use.


PH Stabilizer Rinse - 50ml/2oz size

SKU: KILph50
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