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The "Original" Cysteamine HCL Formula. Trusted by thousands of professional for No Over Processing and the Pinnacle of Service Luxury...Not Just a Lift but a treatment for the lashes and brows.

Our Original Cysteamine HCL formula was an industry first...others have followed, but none can compare to the quality of ingredients and the guarantee of full processing control.

The Keratin Infusion treatment rebuilds each hair with a "cocktail" of high performing peptides, biotin and hydrolyzed vegetable protein securing nourishment and hydration to the cortex of the hair. Results are a hair that is 40% fuller in diameter and sealed and smoothed with Penetrable Hydrogenated Castor Oil. No other system comes close to providing the superior ingredients, health and lasting lift and results as the Keratin Infusion system.

Kit Includes:

Step 1 DeBonding Lotion - 10ml

Step 2a Keratin Surge Serum - 5ml

Step 2b Hydration Lamination Gel - 5ml

Step 3 Hydration Lotion - 10ml

PH Rinse 50ml/2oz

Lash Lift Adhesive - 5ml

Soft Flex Lash Shields - 5 sizes

Lash Lifting Tool

Direction Cards for Lash Lift and Brow Glossing (Lamination)

Keratin Infusion Lash Lift / Brow Glossing Kit

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