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Infusion Pro - 100% Vegan - is the most consistent and fastest Cysteamine HCL system on the market. Scientifically engineered to penetrate ingredients deeper and faster than any other Cysteamine system. Processing times average 8 to 12 mins on step 1 for a suggested treatment time of 30 minutes or less. Infusion Pro is still gentle and provides full processing control. Heat Source is suggested for hydration processing, but not necessary.  Infusion treatment is deeply penetrated into the cortex of the lash/brow hair that rebuilds and fortifies the lash/brow hair from the inside out.  There is just simply no other lift/lamination that provides the results and long-term client satisfaction that Infusion Pro delievers.

Infusion Pro Kit is for Professional Use Only


Kit Contains:

Step No. 1 - DeBonding Lotion 10ml

Infusion - Concentrate Liquid 5ml

Infusion - Concentrate Gel 5ml

Step No. 2 - Neutralizer 10ml

PH Balance Rinse 30ml

Strong Hold Adhesive 10ml

Double Ended Lash Lift Tool - 1 tool

"L" Curl Shields - 5 sizes

Directions Cards for Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Applications

Infusion Pro Kit- 8 piece Kit with Direction Cards