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The Best Lash Lift Products
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Professional Eyebrows

Industry Pricing

Enjoy high-quality, professional, custom Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Products.  A line of products that equals your professionalism and skills. 
Our House Brands are :

Keratin Infusion Lash Lift - Original Formula
Infusion Pro for Lash & Brows
Complex Keratin for Lash & Brows
Each system has unique technology, advanced, quality ingredients and uncompromising performance engineered into each product.
We offer 3 Cysteamine HCL Systems: 

-Keratin Infusion Lash Lift & Brow Lamination is our "Original" formula that provides full processing control AND No Over Processing.  Utilizing heat hydration Processing and Infusion of growth and volume peptides to rebuild and sealing the cuticle for a superior  luxury lash and brow lift and treatment. 

-Infusion Pro System is provides a deeper level of INFUSION pentation than any of our  systems combining "heat assisted" optional system that can utilizes the benefits of heat processing to maintain optimum hydration levels during processing or be used with no heat source and still provide full INFUSION results.  Quick and effective and consistent results. 

-Complex Keratin System also a Cysteamine HCL system with a Amino Acid Booster  that allows for no heat needed and a quick processing time but, yet with the same gentle processing outcome.

Read more about our science and see what true innovations is all about!

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The Original Formula

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Coming Soon!

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Private Label :

Tired of building someone else's business?  

Looking to separate yourself?

Turned off by high quantity requirements from mass manufactures? 

Tired of the same re-branded products?

Well if you answered YES...

then Keep reading.

Our Business Building Bundle will provide you with a broad selection of all of our products and formulations that are part of our While Label Program.   Our business building Bundle will include packaging and labeling options as well as our offerings of retail and accessories selection.  Everything you need to try and test our formulations make them your own! 

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Coming Soon



I had the opportunity to be asked to test Complex Keratin ...well I can not live without it.  

My clients always ask me if I am using the "magic formula"...aka Complex Kertin.  

Fast and unbelievable and consistent results on every client.  I every time 

The quality and the savings have been tremendous.  We will be having our own Lash Lift and Brow Lamination training program starting in the Summer.  Our Staff can not get over how much their business has grown and how much more they make.

Suzanne Smith, LE, Eyes on YOU

Emma Jones, PMU, Got Brows!

Olivia Heart, Manager, Face Focus


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